Site Launch

The list of all my anime now has a new home! Instead of manually updating a pastebin text version of it, it will now be here instead.

Check out the Movies page to see what Anime Movies are in my list, and check out the TV Shows page to see that Anime TV Shows are in my list.

Not only does this site provide a listing of all my anime as the pastebin list did, it also provides extra details that the pastebin version couldn’t provide:
– Now shows all details about each video, not just file size, but also duration, and all Video/Audio/Subtitle stream details in an organised manner
– Also allows you to subscribe to the site’s RSS Feed to be automatically notified when a new post is made, usually when I get a new anime, or upgrade an existing one.

Right now, all the anime list data is still being added to the site database, so it might be a few more hours from now before the full listing is available.

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