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Man, Hanabee has again failed to make a quality product, and crushed the Video Bit Rate of this release pretty hard… Vol.1 wasn’t too bad, with almost all the episodes in the Vol being about 30 Mbps (Episode 3 is about 20 Mbps), but Vols 2 and 3 dropping that down to around 21 Mbps, JUST so they could cheap out and fit more episodes onto single layer Blu-ray discs, instead of using dual-layer discs like Madman does with their releases.

Episode 13’s video data in particular was compressed so hard, down to about 7.5 Mbps, WAYYYYY below the minimum video bit rate required by the Blu-ray specification!

Source: Hanabee AU Blu-ray
Avg. Video Bit Rate: 23.93 Mbps

derpanime List’s File/Stream Details:

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