Anime collection loss+restoration & site update

We all know that 2020 has been a rather shitty year, for everyone. The anime collection storage server having a HDD fail and losing the anime collection at the start of the year was yet another shitty incident to add to the list.

The data was almost all restorable from their original Blu-ray discs, but since there was around 20TB of the stuff, it just took a very long time, months actually. Of course, more anime were still being bought and added to the collection at the same time, but of course was too busy restoring the rest and so updating the site with posts for every new addition simply was not going to happen.

But restoration is all done now! Meaning site will go back to having regular updates. That said, the amount of anime added over the past months would be too many to list here, so just check out the “TV SHOWS” section and see what is now there for yourself. (The MOVIES section has not yet been updated, though)

Additionally, the TV Shows page has had some updates in of itself, including display of poster images for TV Shows and Seasons, along with showing multiple alternative versions of their titles (English, Japanese, and also romaji names too for the dirty weebs out there), and also links to a show’s or season’s data on MAL for those who want more details on an anime.

Check out the new improved TV SHOWS section here:

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