UPGRADED: Brynhildr In The Darkness OVA #11.5: Much Ado About Nothing


Upgrade Type:
    Superior Source: Hanabee AU Blu-ray -> Sentai Filmworks US Blu-ray
[UPGR] Video:
    Avg. Bit-rate: 13.79 Mbps -> 20.01 Mbps
    [UPGR] JA Main Audio + EN Main Audio:
        Format: PCM -> DTS-HD Master Audio
        Source: Sentai Filmworks US Blu-ray
    [NEW] ENG All + Songs/Text Only:
        Format: Presentation Graphics (PGS)
        Source: Sentai Filmworks US Blu-ray


Media Sources:

Video Sentai Filmworks US BD
Audio Sentai Filmworks US BD
Subtitle Sentai Filmworks US BD
Hanabee AU BD

Avg. Video Bit Rate: 20.01 Mbps

File/Stream Details:

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